Why you too should have an Amazon Affiliate Store – Built for you by us

We can think of a few good reason why you deserve to have one of our Amazon Affiliate Stores…

We can already think of several reasons why having your own professionally built Amazon Affiliate Store is a very good idea.

Below we will take you through just a few of these reasons so you will be able to judge for your self

WHy have an amazon affiliate store
Amazon is a well know branding company

1. Amazon is One Of The worlds Biggest & Best known brands – They are literally trusted by Everyone!

AMAZON is HUGE! …..the ‘smile’ within the Amazon logo is easily recognized World-Wide. As soon as people see the Amazon Logo they feel confident in the fact that they will actually receive their order.

Amazon will be the powerhouse brand behind your Amazon Affiliate Store business. 🙂

2. The percentage commission payments are very generous…

Amazon is known for being one of the most generous when it comes to payouts from their Amazon Associates Program.

The great news for you is that you are able to earn up to 12% from each and every sale referred by your affiliate website (depending on the product niche) – this represents excellent earning possibilities for you!

Higher percentage affiliate store commission payments
Affiliate Store recurring payments

3. Recurring monthly commission payments for you!

Why get paid just once for your efforts when you could get paid Over and Over again?

Another one of the many great things about being an Amazon Associate is their commission structure for paying commission to affiliates.

4. Some really great money can be made online as an Amazon Affiliate

Probably one of the best reasons to become an Amazon affiliate is that Amazon offers one of the best and most reliable ways to be able to make money online in today’s fast-paced internet-based climate.

More and more people are shopping online every single year. Internet shopping has continued to show a general UPWARD trend for the last 10 years in a row – and the truth of the matter is that Amazon has been noted as being one of the main reasons that high-street shopping is now on the decline with many retailers on the high street facing the real possibility of soon having to go bankrupt.

So the ultimate question to ask yourself is: “Do I want a share of the ever-increasing internet shopping pie?”

Grab your share of the internet money