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NADA, Nill, Zero, Zilch…..that is how much we will charge you for a new Amazon Associates store. Just read on and follow the step by step process to learn how!

That’s right, WE will design and build you an awesome-looking Amazon Affiliate Store. We will even add products to it for FREE. Just follow the Step-By-Step process outlined below… to have your own Amazon associates store that is ready to earn you money 24/7!

All you have to do to claim your FREE Amazon Affiliate store with us is to purchase website hosting with our recommended web hosting suppliers. These are suppliers that we know very well and we know their servers work perfectly with our affiliate store software.

Once you have purchased your web hosting, they will send you all details of your new web hosting account. Just forward this information to us and we will get to work building your free Amazon associates store for you.

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NOTE!… By “FREE”, we mean that you will not need to pay us anything. You will still need to pay for your OWN Web hosting account with our ‘recommended’ web hosting suppliers. This will enable us to log in and build your new affiliate store for you on a web hosting service that we know and trust.

Free Amazon affiliate store builders

It all starts with the right website hosting…

What is Website Hosting?

This is where your website will ‘live’ on the internet that makes it accessible to people all over the world. You need to use our recommended hosting service that we are confident in working with – to be able to claim this offer.

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Steps to Claiming YOUR FREE Amazon Affiliate Store with us…


Just completes steps 1 & 2 on this page.

Step 1: choose a suitable website hosting package from our Recommended Web Hosting partners. Prices start from just $3.95 Per Month!
Step 2: Send us the log-in details of your new web hosting account.

You then just need to forward these details (of your new web hosting account) on to us.


In order for us to be able to begin to build your $99 Drop Shipping website onto your web hosting, we will need the login details of your hosting account. IF YOU DO NOT email us your new web hosting account details then we will be unable to begin working on your new FREE Amazon affiliate store

Just forward them to our website development team via email.

you will also need to ensure that you have already paid your $99 for your store by clicking on the “Buy Now” payment button above.


That’s it, this is all that we need from you! You can sit back, relax and leave the rest to us.

Our expert team of drop shipping store builders will then log in to your website hosting account & design, build then upload your new drop shipping Store for you.

FAQs for our FREE Amazon Affiliate Stores

Can I use my OWN Web Hosting account?

A. No, this offer of us building you  a free Amazon affiliate store can only be used in conjunction with our recommended web hosting suppliers. You can not just use any old web hosting with this offer and we will only build your store for free if you purchase via our web link.

Which web hosting package should i purchase on that page?

A. Once you clink on the link, ANY of the website hosting packages on that page will do. We will be able to use any of them to build your new affiliate store for you.

How long will it take to complete my new FREE affiliate store?

A.  We will need at least 3 – 4 weeks to complete building your free store for you. If you would like your store to be completed sooner you are welcome to pay and purchase a package from us – in which case your website will be completed within 1 – 2 weeks.

I already have a Domain name, Can I use my existing Domain?

A. YES, if you already own a Domain name then you are welcome to use this with your free affiliate store from us. You will need to contact us for full instructions on what do do to connect your existing domain to your new website hosting.

How many products will you add to my free store for me?

A. We will initially add 100 products to your store for you. If you require more, you are welcome to purchase additional ‘product upload’ packages from us.

Why can’t I just use any old Website Hosting suppliers?

A. Over the years, we have tried many different website hosting companies; and this has taught us that although many companies seem at first to be all the same, they are actually not.

Not every hosting company takes the time to invest in their computing infrastructure. Using the wrong web host can lead to many instances of website downtime and inaccessibility. To avoid this, we now only work with companies that we know are up to scratch and able to work seamlessly with our affiliate store software. We can only vouch for our own web host.

What if I want to add more products later on?

A. That is fine. Your website will feature it’s own administration area when you will be able to log in to add extra products at any time should you wish to.

What if I need help to add more products later on?

A. We will give you as much help as you need and are happy to show you exactly how to add additional products to your website by yourself.