Guaranteed Income fully Turn-Key & Done for you Amazon Affiliate OR Kindle Publishing Business Packages…

Our experienced in-house website development team will handle all that it takes to build you a profitable Amazon Associates business. Allowing YOU to take full advantage of the of the power-house that is Amazon Inc!

You WILL Get a Return On your Investment (ROI) that BEATS the interest of ANY Bank!…

WE build your Amazon Affiliate website then market and promote it in the Search Engines for you the right way – it’s our fully Turn-Key business package…

Serious internet entrepreneurs realise that it takes money to make money; especially when it comes to Internet-based businesses. Which is why we have created these Guaranteed Income business packages for those ready to cut the B.S and willing to literally invest in their own financial future…..

Welcome to our guaranteed Income Amazon business packages. We have 2 packages available as part of our Assured Income business packages:

  1. Guaranteed Income Amazon Kindle publishing business – you can have either 3, 5 or 10 Amazon kindle books written and published for you then launched on the Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform.
  2. Amazon Associates / Affiliate Store – Choose any product niche, and we will design then build you an affiliate store and fill it with products from this niche that will earn you sales commissions.

These Amazon business packages will help to drastically increase your chances of online business success by allowing professionals to set up your affiliate website ready to trade and begin earning you money 24/7.

Our in-house team of website development experts will build you a custom fully Turn-Key Amazon website business from the ground up and handle everything that a website needs in order to be a success with both the Search Engines and the general public – which includes things like SEO, website marketing and promotion.

All you will need to do is to add your Amazon Associates ID (we will tell you how to obtain this once your website has been completed.) then watch as the traffic, sales and affiliate income to your website grow week on week, month on month.

Assured income Turn Key Amazon Affiliate Stores
Guaranteed Income Amazon Affiliate Business

Get 10% OFF all pricing when paying via Direct Bank Transfer – as this saves on traditional PayPal fees.

Amazon Kindle Affiliate store web publishing business

Choose your Guaranteed Income Amazon Business below…

Remember: Your Turn-Key Affiliate website will be designed built and launched into the search engines for you…

We have 2 different types of Guaranteed Income Amazon business opportunities for you to choose from…

Turn-Key Amazon Kindle publishing business
Man reading a Kindle eBook

Amazon Business Option 1:

Amazon Kindle Publishing Business

Turn-Key Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Business – Get: 3, 5 or 10 Kindle books written & published to the KPD Select platform for you – from just $2495!

Over 7 BILLION potential customers now have the ability to be a customer of yours on the Amazon Kindle Platform. This is the number of people who own a device that is capable of reading Amazon Kindle eBooks

Have you heard of Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform?…..It’s a great way for just about anyone can become a published Amazon Kindle book author on Amazon and reach millions of new potential customers via Amazons international Kindle book-selling platforms.

With our help, your Kindle book/s may even make it into the coveted Kindle bestsellers lists – as we have had this happen to books that our team have created before.

A great thing about this TurnKey Amazon business is that its an information product business, so there are NO physical items that need to be shipped out to customers that could get lost in the post! NO queuing in the mail centre to ship our bulky items. And NO potential for customers to be able to file “Item not received” disputes with PayPal or their credit card company!

Our package & displayed prices are for our professional team of writers to create an entire Amazon Kindle Publishing business for you – handling everything from writing your kindle books to designing their front covers.

Our experienced team will:

  • Research currently profitable Amazon Kindle book niches for you. Unlike others, we don’t use out of date data when choosing what to write about!
  • Use our vast experience with Amazon KDP to create books for you in ‘evergreen niches’ that we know will continue to sell very well for months and even years to come.
  • Help you to come up with suitable attention-grabbing titles for your Amazon Kindle book
  • Design eye-catching eBook covers that will capture potential readers attention and make them ‘just have to’ know more.
  • Research and write your entire Amazon Kindle eBooks for you – from the first page to the last.
  • Format your kindle books the RIGHT WAY ready for the Kindle KDP platform. This enables your books to look right on all possible devices.
  • Launch your books and use power-marketing tactics to promote them.
  • Monitor how your books are performing on the kindle platform if they are meeting their targets and either completely change or edit them if they are not.

Each Kindle ebook that our team write for you is guaranteed to be generating a minimum income of at least $500 Per month within 30 – 60 days (MAXIMUM) of the launch period or our team will research and then write another Amazon Kindle book for you until this income minimum income goal has been met.

With this Done for you Amazon Kindle business, you will hire our team of skilled Kindle book writers who will research and write at least 3 books for you.

Timescale to ROI (Return On Investment) = Can be as little as 30 – 60 Days (90 Days Maximum) from the date that your eBooks are published and live on the Amazon Kindle platform!

How many Amazon Kindle Books would you like to begin your new Kindle Publishing business with?

…Our team of professional writers can create either 3, 5 OR 10 for you.

These Kindle eBooks will be researched written and published to the KPD book-selling platform for you…. YOU can Expect a Return on Investment (ROI) of at least $500 Per Month Per PUBLISHED Kindle eBook!…within 30 – 60 days. Sales will continue month on month thereafter!

Get 10% OFF of all pricing when paying via Direct Bank Transfer – as this saves on traditional PayPal fees.

BRONZE: Guaranteed Income
3 Kindle book package: $2495

Turn-Key Amazon publishing business Empire

Only: $2495

SILVER: Guaranteed Income
5 Kindle book package: $3997

Amazon kindle publishing business empire

Only: $3997

GOLD: Guaranteed Income
10 Kindle book package: $5995

Amazon eBook Turn-Key business publishing empire

Only: $5995

Amazon associates program-turn-key online business

Get 10% OFF all pricing when paying via Direct Bank Transfer – as this saves on traditional PayPal fees.

Only: $1995

TurnKey Amazon Affiliate Store Online Business

Amazon Business Option 2:

TurnKey Amazon Affiliate Store

Done for you Amazon Associates / Affiliate Store Business – fully Turn-Key – from just $1995…

Guaranteed Income Amazon Affiliates/ Associates store in any product niche of your choice. Offer any items from Amazons website for sale on your affiliate store and receive a MONTHLY commission on ALL sales!

Purchase this Guaranteed Income Amazon Business package from us and our team will design and set up a Turn-Key Amazon Affiliate Store business for you in any Niche, then load it with products directly from Amazon’s product inventory – turning you into an official Amazon Associate & reseller of Amazons products.

When it comes to what products you can have within your store, As long as Amazon offer it for sale on their main website:, then our team will be able to build you an affiliate website around that niche. You could even choose to mix niches and have products from different niches within your store.

We also help you to SEO, market and then promote your Amazon Associates Store the correct way in the Search Engines, which means that you can expect to be getting some free visitor traffic to your store much sooner than you think.

Each MONTH you will receive a commission check based on how many customers go on to purchase items at Amazon thanks to your website.

Our in-house website design division are professional Amazon Affiliate Store Builders and will take care of the entire process for you. Everything from setting up and designing your Amazon Store, to marketing and promoting your website after it’s completion.

With this Done for you Amazon business, our team will help you to:

  • Research suitable Amazon store niches for you
  • Help you to come up with a Domain name for your business
  • Design a professional logo & brand presence for your store.
  • Design, build and Create a profitable Amazon Affiliate website for you from scratch and SEO all pages as we go
  • Add products, links and categories to your store
  • Source suitable royalty-free product images that compliment your chosen product niche.
  • Market and promote your website upon its completion. We will submit it to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines – as well as noteworthy directories and social media websites.

Timescale to ROI (Return On Investment) = Can be as little as 30 – 60 Days MAX from the date that your Amazon Affiliate Store has been completed and set to ‘LIVE’ status

Get 10% OFF all pricing when paying via Direct Bank Transfer – as this saves on traditional PayPal fees.


You can check if your question has been answered already in our FAQs section below. If not then you are welcome to Contact Us us with it.

Q. How often do I get paid a commission cheque by Amazon?

A. Amazon pays you every single month like clockwork. This is the same whether you have an Amazon Kindle Publishing business or an Amazon Affiliate/associates  Store. You will be paid once per month or via direct payment into your bank account.

They need no introduction and as you can imagine (due to their sheer size), Amazon Inc will never have an issue paying you on time, every time!

They will either send you out a commission check each month, or they will direct deposit funds into your bank account.

Q. How exactly are you able to guarantee my business results?

A. It is by the team of experts that we have in-house that we are able to allocate to design, build and then Market and Promote your website.

Our team have a combined 189 years worth of experience when it comes to creating & marketing successful online businesses and websites.

Once you become a client with us we essentially put the clout of our experts to work on your website/project – which is absolutely priceless and a real winning formula!

Q. How do you Guaranteed Income Amazon businesses work?

A. The long and short of it is that our team of in-house professionals will set up your entire online business for you. Whether you opt for our TurnKey Amazon Kindle Publishing (KDP) business or our Amazon Affiliate store business, we will set up your business for you ready to trade and begin accepting orders from your customers and making money.

Q. What is an Amazon Affiliate (Associate)?

A. Amazon affiliates (Associates as Amazon like to call them) are a way for Amazon to allow ordinary people to send traffic (visitors) to Amazons website ecosystem and be rewarded for each visitor that goes on to become a customer with Amazon.

Amazon have ways to track visitors that visit their website thanks to your Affiliate store. When that person goes on to purchase something from Amazon and become a customer, as a way of saying thank you to you for sending them that new customer, they will gladly give you a percentage of the sale that was generated thanks to you.

Q. How long does it take to get started and when will my business be online?

A. This varies but typically our team require 3 – 4 weeks to design and build your website (for Amazon Affiliate Stores) and around 6 – 8 weeks to complete writing your Kindle eBooks for you (if you opt for an Amazon KDP publishing business)

Q. What happens after i complete payment?

A. After you have sent through your payment for one of our Guaranteed Income Amazon business packages, someone from our team will contact you to welcome you on board with us. You will then be allocated a “PM” (Project Manager) with us. It is your Project Managers

Q. How do/will I get my Amazon Affiliate (Associate) ID?

A. Once we have designed your Amazon Affiliate Store for you, you will then be able to show your stores to Amazon staff ( who need to take a look at your website before accepting you as an Amazon associate) You will then be issued with your own unique Amazon Affiliate ID

Q. How do/Can I pay for this business package?

A. Due to the typical costs of our Guaranteed Income Amazon business opportunity packages, we are unable to accept the likes of PayPal to pay for these and we are currently accepting Bank Transfers only. This is simply because of the sheer amount that PayPal charge in fees for these $1000+-priced business packages.

We would instead prefer to pass the savings discount onto you by offering you a 10% discount on ALL advertised pricing for payments that are sent via a direct Bank Transfer. Please contacts us for full payment details and instructions.

Q. What if I would like additional Amazon Kindle eBooks written?

A. We currently offer you the opportunity to have either 3, 5 or 10 Amazon Kindle eBooks published for you to the Amazon KDP platform. If you would like to launch your Kindle Publishing business with even more eBooks than this, please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss custom pricing with you based on the number of books you are seeking.

Q. Can I split payments for my business?

A. YES, you can split/divide payments for your business with us over a maximum of 3 months. If you decide to do this it is important to note that we naturally have to prioritise building the businesses of customers who have paid upfront over those paying over several months, so your websites will take a little longer to be completed.