THE ultimate guide on How to become an Amazon Affiliate

Keep reading to Learn step-by-step how you can become an Amazon affiliate in the fastest possible account approval time and begin earning regular & reliable commissions….

Learn how to become an Amazon Affiliate

How to become an amazon affiliate may be something that you have asked yourself previously – as at first, it can seem to be quite a process to get started making money as an Amazon associate.

Before we dive into How to become an Amazon Affiliate, we are first going to cover a few of the things you will need to know about the entire Amazon affiliate program itself.

We hope that this guide helps to guide and steer you in the right direction and helps you to obtain your own unique Amazon ID without too much hassle.

Once you have your Associates ID you can then go on to earn dependable monthly commission payments from the Big Daddy of reliable digital companies: AMAZON.

Firstly, what is an Amazon Affiliate/Associate?…

The Amazon Affiliates Program (also called Amazon Associates program) is an affiliate marketing opportunity where Amazon essentially partners with website and blog owners in order to increase their reach and potential profits.

It’s FREE to sign up as an Amazon Affiliate, and once accepted, you will then be able to generate your own unique affiliate links to the products Amazon offers for sale on their website, paste these affiliate links on your own website; and if a visitor to your website then clicks on this link and goes on to purchase something from Amazon, they will know that this sale happened because of you and your efforts – you will then be rewarded for this in the form on a Dollar commission amount $$

Ok, so here’s how to become an Amazon Affiliate…

STEP 1: Decide on your websites MAIN product niche

It all starts with knowing what you would like to offer for sale on your website as your main product/s.

The good news is that you can take the time to browse Amazons websites and with a little bit of research you will be able to find products that are selling well and in high demand.

STEP 2: (WE) Build your Amazon Affiliate website

The first thing that Amazon staff will ask you for is your websites Domain Name as they need to take a look at your website before they will approve you as an Amazon associate. So either you will need to build your Amazon Associates website or you can leave it to our professional Amazon Affiliate Store Builders to do it for you.

You will not even be given an Amazon Associates ID unless you have a LIVE website that Amazon staff are able to take a look at.

STEP 3: Visit the Amazon Associates website to sign UP

Once your website is live and ready to go then you can consider the hard part of the process to be over with.

It’s now time to begin the process of obtaining an Amazon Associates ID. To do this, you can visit this link to begin the official Amazon Associates sign-up process.